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Web Desingers Glasgow Helped With Our Launch

We knew that when we launched our Golf Sense product that we wanted a slick and functional website to match. We spend years and thousands of pounds developing the product, and to skimp on the website at the last minute would just not do it justice, so we set about searching for a website builder that was up to scratch for us. The problem was, even though there are alot of people out there that make great looking websites, we know from past experience that the doesn’t always mean the website is well optimised for traffic and sales. We were recommended a special team of web designers Glasgow had to offer, and even though they were in another country, they had made great websites in the past that ticked all the boxes for us.

web designers glasgow

Who Are The Web Designers Glasgow?

One of our team members said that had worked with a team all the way across the pond in sunny Glasgow for one of his projects that he started a few years ago. He said that because they specialised in marketing and SEO, they could design a website that looked great and performed well for sales and leads. This is exactly what we wanted, since we knew that we were starting as a new company and people were not fully aware of our brand and products. The web designers Glasgow had to offer were great right from the start, including the market research and analysis, and creating a website that was SEO friendly and ready to start getting traffic.

web designers glasgow

Building the Website

When we began building the website it was a little slow to start as we were not exactly sure how we wanted to approach it. We knew that we wanted a visual experience for our visitors, so we set about getting so high quality photographs that the web design team could implement into the website. We wanted the pictures to flow with the website, which is why we decided to go for a scrolling set of images that meant the experience was more visual. Having been part of the process of making a few websites in the past, we knew that it can be challenging to get everyone’s ideas and concepts to gel together. Luckily our team decided to let the product do most of the talking, and we kept our opinions out for the most part.


The Result

The end result was one that everyone at Golf Sense was happy with. The website took around 2 months to build, and considering that it has quite a few advanced elements that had to work together seamlessly, we think that this is a great time frame. The website is fully optimised for search engines, as well as being ready to go for advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Google. Even though we never actually met the company that built the website in person, they were very good at handling every request and making us feel like we were listened to. On top of this, they delivered beyond our expectations.

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