The History Of Golf

The history of golf is shrouded in mystery and much debate. However, generally it’s agreed that the game of golf evolved in Scotland in the Middle Ages and onwards into England. In some sources it’s claimed that William the III founded golf. However there’s no evidence to support this, as it’s not mentioned in his royal genealogy. Golf was played at court and was popular during the Tudor period. It was even a source of royal patronage and King Henry VIII established a golf club in the year 1539.

Today golf is a sport enjoyed by millions. There are several variations of the game and the rules vary depending on the country in which you’re playing. In England and Wales, there is now a national association called Golfers’ Club. This association has developed a code of conduct and ethics for all members. A common game between club members is known as the golf marathon, where players play 18 holes on the same day, or course.

There is more to the history of golf than meets the eye. The game of golf developed into what we know it to be today. In the UK, for example, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club was formed in 1866 and played using the traditional clubs of the time. The sport later spread to America in the 19th century, although this isn’t so easily associated with the game. In America, golf evolved from a type of polo into a more competitive and demanding sport, but it was in England that the game really took off. In America, the game evolved into the very different game of golf, whereas in England and Wales, golf remained as an informal game played by many.

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