sell my house quick

Sell My House Quick To Be Nearer Golf Course?

Some people may be looking at this title thinking, yes very good that will ever happen, and other may be thinking yes I have often wondered this. While very few people have actually pitched the idea to their wife and family, many people will definitely be considering. There are a lot of unfortunate golfers out there that may live a few hours away from their nearest course. This means golf becomes a full day activity, rather than something they can do in the afternoon, evening and early mornings. If you want to really improve your golf game, you need to be practising consistently in the correct environment, and the golf course is new to this. Not only that, you need to be playing at a few different courses so that you become a well rounded golfer. So for the people who are wondering, ‘should I sell my house quick and move to one near a golf course,’ we have got some advice for you.

sell my house quick

I Am Going To Sell My House Quick

If you are completely fixated on the idea and cannot be talked down from it, then there are a few things you are going to have to know. Firstly, if you are selling via the traditional route of selling through an estate agent, the time scale for selling property is very varied. Expect to wait anywhere from 3 months to a year to finalise a sale, and it is not always plain sailing. There will be picture shoots, viewings, lawyers meetings and estate agents to deal with. And that is all before the sale even happens, and sometimes house sales fall through. If you want the quickest option, you can sell to an online buyer, but these services generally get you a reduced price for the speed of the service. They will usually only pay out up to 80% of the actual market value of your home, but on the plus side they can push a sale through in as little as one week, so it all depends on how long you are willing to wait. If you are now thinking along the lines of, ‘well maybe I won’t sell my house quick‘ then we do have a few other options for you.

sell house quick

Upping Your Golf Practice

If you don’t have a golf course close by, then you should consider looking around to see if you have a driving range near by. This way you will still be able to practice your swing on the days you are not at the actual course. The range is a great place to get a large volume of swings in which should help your game tremendously. However it will not fo much for your short game, which is where our next tip comes in. If you have a reasonable sized garden, you can put in a few simple holes yourself to practice your putting and chipping. Provided you have a grass lawn, simply get a small cut of plastic waste piping and cut out a bit of grass to size and stick it in.


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