SDTM mapping software

SDTM Mapping Helped Us Improve Products

As you may already know, we make special products that help golfers improve their swing. We do this with a special glove insert that measures thousands of key datapoints that are relevant to your swing. By collecting these values, we then determine which parts of your swing are working and which parts need improvement. We spent hundreds of hours developing the product and logging hundreds of thousands of points of data that we recorded, and we realised that we would need an automated logging process, much like what SDTM mapping software does in the medical industry. SDTM software makes it quicker and easier for medical teams that are gathering data from clinical trials and food trials. We researched these tools at great length and were able to emulate a lot of aspects of the software to use on our systems.

SDTM mapping

What Does SDTM Mapping Software Do?

SDTM mapping software is special software that is usually used by pharmaceutical companies and food and drinks manufacturers. The amount of data that has to be collected in the areas of drug development and food manufacture is enormous, and before we had automation software, this data would have to be manually entered. Manually entering all of this data was extremely time consuming, and would take hours of time. The automation software means that companies would not have to worry about having to enter data by hand, and we wanted to use this same approach when we were logging our data during research and development.

sdtm mapping

How It Helped Us

When we first started designing the Golf Sense, we really weren’t quite sure of what data would be relevant to us. So we did what you would expect and pretty much just logged everything we could. Even supposedly meaningless data, we would record it, even if we weren’t sure if we would even use it or not. After a while we realised that we would have to seriously speed up this process, or the tool would never make it to market. We found an individual who knew SDTM datasets inside out, and employed him to help us design a program that we could use to speed up the data entry process. So the first version of our data mapping tool was born, and it became the point around which our whole business revolved for the next 3 months while we tested the sensor.


Taking It To Market

This very first version of the automation software went on to form the building blocks of our program that we used with the product. This program was given to the end users with every purchase of the product, so that they could keep track of all their metrics and see how they were improving over time. This second version was based on the initial prototype, but luckily it was a lot more refined that our first version that was a bit barebones in terms of style. On top of this, the first version of the mapping software was huge pain to use, so the user experience on the consumer version is much better.

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