Easy Golf Tips

Everyone wants to know how they can improve their golf game, and the truth is that sometimes you just have to go back to basics.

We have thrown together a quick list of things that we want people to get out there and start practicing!

Remember that practise is the key to any progress in life, so you have to put in the work.

Stop just smacking balls and start trying to make some key improvements to your game.

Without further ado, lets get into it.

Tip 1

Sort Out Your Hand Position

Get ahold of your driver and try this with us. move your hands down so you are gripping the club as low as possible. Now start swinging and try to build up the power gradually. The lower your hands are, the lower the ball flight, which means you can get a better drive and trajectory.

Tip 2

Use Your Body

Every good golfer knows that the power in the swing comes from your body not your arms. You need to move your body across the position of the ball in order to achieve maximum force. You will no doubt have heard people say you must swing the hips. This is essential, so start loosening up those hips!

Tip 3


Don’t let your body get too far in front of the ball. This is common when golfers are trying to put more power into their swing, but it almost always leads to a decrease in range as well as upseting the ideal trajectory.

Tip 4


You can practice your shipping motion in a relatively small space, so even if you can get down the golf course you can still improve this aspect of your game. When chipping you want to ensure a smooth delivery and consistent swing force. Try to dial back your power and then ramp it up and aim for accuracy.


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