Blue Light Glasses UK Staff Needed

Our business is firmly rooted in technology, which means that we have spent a lot of time in front of screens trying to make things work. While we are more visionaries, we do employ a series of developers from different places around the world. In case you didn’t know, developers are the people who make the magic happen when it comes to app development. They spend long hours staring at screens writing thousands of lines of code in order to make the app perform exactly how we want. Think of them as the builders of the foundations of a house, and we are the annoying architects that are very particular about the details. When our coders over in Europe told us that they were experimenting with blue light glasses UK developers were using in order to stay at their screens for longer, we thought that it was worth writing about.

blue light glasses uk

Finding Blue Light Glasses UK Developers Wanted

For ourselves, the effects of computer screens did not seem all that bad. However, when we realised that we would look at a screen on average for around 4 hours a day, we realised that we had completely misjudged the situation. Our developers overseas were looking at screens for up to 15 hours a day, which is just ridiculous. That is practically 4 times as much screen exposure as we are used to and over double that of the average person. These are the best blue light glasses UK consumers have been starting to use to filter out the harmful blue light that is emitted by screens. This means less eye fatigue, improved concentration and a better nights sleep.


Blue Blocker Benefits

People who need blue light blocking glasses usually work long hours in front of a computer, and tend to notice the eye strain after a while. With these special lenses, the blue light is separated, so the light is allowed to pass through without damaging the eyes. This is a good option for those people who often experience eye problems, such as vision problems, eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches, etc. Even those people with prescription glasses need a pair of blue light blocking glasses. As they often require different amounts of light protection, the shades will need to be adjusted for each person. Prescription lenses have to be made with the blue light filter built into them in order to function properly as a pair of screen glasses. The filter cannot just be added onto an existing lens, it has to be crafted into the lens when it is made.


Different Kinds Of Glasses

There are a few different types of glasses available nowadays, from blue light blocking glasses, sunglasses and clear prescription lenses. The biggest advantage to having a pair of clear lenses is that they allow more light to come through the eyes. Blue light-blocking glasses are used by those people who need them because the spend a lot of time in front of screens, as it also makes them look more attractive. Blue light blocking glasses have different technologies and different strengths, so make sure to shop around and find a pair that is suited to your lifestyle and needs.

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