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Best Golf Ball?

We are constantly asked about golf balls here at Golf Sense, and people are desperate to know if there is some magical ball that they can use that will improve their game overnight.

We wanted to set the record straight on the subject, and really the first thing that any golfer should know is that it is not all about your balls.

Ok but seriously, the type of ball that you use will not turn you into a pro simply by using it, you need practise and exposure to different balls and golf courses.

We recently published an article here about what is better for your game, the golf course or the driving range.

In this article we explain the difference between each place of practise, and what it does for your game.

We emphasise the importance of utilising both environments for maximum effect, and the truth is that using golf balls is very much like this advice.

There are several different styles of balls that are used in golf, but we want to focus on the one that everyone wants to know about: the long distance ball.

Your drive is a very important part of your golf game, so it is understandable that everyone wants to know about these balls.

The biggest thing that we want to put across about distance golf balls is the fact that they are among the most simple and cheapest types of golf balls.

The long distance balls are cheaper to make, as well as being the hardest types of balls available.

All golf balls squash slightly when hit by a club, so the less they squash, the further they fly.

Balls with a high compression are made so that they travel faster and further, but a high compression ball is usually made for faster swing speeds.


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