Our Mission

Deliver the world’s most useful golf swing analysis and training tool in a mobile device. We’re adding new features with a fairly regular cadence and have a fantastic roadmap of things to come. 

Why GolfSense

Now that we have devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android phones with us at all times, there’s an entirely new ecosystem of products on the horizon that will allow us to tap into personal data like never before. We’ve spent years building the patented motion engine that drives GolfSense. We’ve built it in a way that can be easily and seamlessly updated on the application side which means the entire experience will get even more accurate and precise over time. Why the glove? After many different prototypes and countless hours in the lab testing, we decided that the glove-based sensor provided both a highly accurate and easy to use solution for all players. We’re able to take your wrist motion into account (a key component of a good swing) when plotting your swing path and plane in the application. Unlike club-mounted devices, with GolfSense you simply attach it to the strap on your glove and you’re ready to go. You don’t need to worry about detaching and re-attaching to each of your clubs before you swing. You can swing now!

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